Lean Business Tips #53 – Make Time for Improvement

lean business tips

If you are struggling with finding time for making improvements in your business, then this tip is for you.

People’s behavior, taste, interest, and expectations change every minute- So, in order to match with customer’s interest improvements are very essential. If you do not make improvements- every day, you will be soon run out of the business.

“You make the world a better place by making daily improvements to become the best version of yourself.”
― Roy T. Bennett

We must spend at least 40% of our time in improvement activities.

For a typical lean organization, the time spent in QC circles, Kaizen, Gemba Walk, Value Stream Mapping, Improvement Projects, etc. are considered as time worth spending in making improvements.

The ratio of the time spent on improvements would vary based on the hierarchy, nevertheless, there is no such limit. Everyone in the organization must spend their time in improvements.

I know many entrepreneurs, who are willing to appoint consultants to make improvements in their organization. This practice, cannot work until your team has time to cooperate with the consultant. Many times, this model won’t work.

In small businesses, with very few manpower, we often cry for more time to finish something.

But, It is a rule of thumb that you cannot finish your task on time If you cannot make improvements every day,

In other words, The only way to save your time is to spend your time in making improvements.

“Focus on being productive instead of busy.”

By Surender Gowthaman

Blogger, Theory of Constraints-Lean-Six Sigma Practitioner, Lead Auditor in QHS

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