Lean Business Tips #56 – Drive Fear Out of the Organization

lean business tips

Fear makes us stupid!

Dr. Edwards Deming verbalized this concept as once of his 14 management principles as ‘Drive Fear Out of the Organization’ nearly decades ago in his famous book Out of the Crisis.

Because the fear creates stress, the very nature of our brain induces thoughtless responses as an outcome of the stress. This leads to committing more errors in the physical environment.

Generally, fear is caused by the following reasons among the employees in the organization,

  1. Lack of job security
  2. Poor Performance Appraisals
  3. Lack of Vision
  4. Improper Supervision
  5. Not defining the Roles and Responsibilities

This can be eliminated by providing necessary training, establishing the required structure, defining responsibilities at each level, and removing physical dangers at the workplace.

As long as the people are treated with dignity, the fear in the organization can be eliminated and people will work for the vision of the organization.


By Surender Gowthaman

Blogger, Theory of Constraints-Lean-Six Sigma Practitioner, Lead Auditor in QHS

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