Lean Business Tips #60 – Have Few Goals

The study says, if a team has more than 10 goals to achieve then the chances of achieving the goals are 0%, if a team has goals between 3 to 10 then the chances of achieving is hardly 20%. It is 100% achievable only when the number of goals is less than 3.
If you have many goals, it means your focus is distracted, your energy, resources, money all are divided into various buckets. Ultimately, we achieve nothing.
Work for a few goals. Focus the management’s attention on that. Involve your team in a few goals. Make the goals visible to everyone. Monitor it regularly. This is the only way to achieve the goal.

By Surender Gowthaman

Blogger, Theory of Constraints-Lean-Six Sigma Practitioner, Lead Auditor in QHS

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