How to Achieve the Goals in Small Business?

This article provides you a clear understanding and guidelines to achieve the goals in small businesses and startups by following basic principles.

It will take 4 minutes to read.

Few Goals are Enough

The human brain is programmed to concentrate on one thing at a time.

Study after study has shown that while multitasking can be stimulating, and may even make us feel more productive, it invariably makes us less productive.

In a small business environment, we often forget this basic principle.

Because we think keeping very few goals shows our inability to manage the business.

Therefore, we tend to keep more goals and drive towards achieving them. Sometimes, more goals are added just to please the management.

Keeping the basics of human psychology in mind, we should limit ourselves to selecting very few goals.

To narrow the focus 100%, if there is one goal for the entire organization to work on, then the possibilities of winning are maximum.

Don’t get confused with Monitoring

To run a small business, you would be interested in knowing very many things.

These are all only monitoring parameters. But these parameters are not to be confused with the goals of an organization.

For example, monitoring the fuel level is essential before driving a distance, so there is a provision in the dashboard of your car.

But that takes you nowhere unless you drive the car in the right direction.

Similarly, management needs to know the status of many parameters to run the business and taking decisions. But it is important to take action to achieve the goal.

Without the goal you don’t know where you are going and, also with many goals you will not know where to go and how far to go.

Align Everyone in the Business

Once you know what you are going to achieve, the next step is communicating the goal to each one in the business and taking their consent.

Because, in business, the best strategy has always been making your team work on a single goal.

It requires more deliberations, communications, understanding, and awareness. The misunderstandings, fear of changes need to be removed from the minds of your team.

It requires more time than you think but be patient in the processes.

Listen to their needs and ideas carefully. Consider their views and involve them in the process of communications.

Once you establish your goals in the minds of everyone, you are almost started with your execution.

Goal Breakdown Structure (GBS)

In project management, one of the important body of knowledge is Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

It is a key project deliverable that organizes the team’s work into manageable sections. This concept can be easily applicable to achieving small business goals.

The Goal Breakdown Structure (GBS) is a hierarchical structure linking high-level objectives or goals to more detailed goals.

These detailed goals need to be assigned to each team member to make them accountable for their achievement.

Against each goal, you must define, how you are going to monitor and measure the progress.

Ensure your team members are aware of the impact of not meeting their goals as well as others.

This will create an internal atmosphere that supports achieving everyone’s goals including your business.

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By Surender Gowthaman

Blogger, Theory of Constraints-Lean-Six Sigma Practitioner, Lead Auditor in QHS

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